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How to decode a sordid crime scene video

SportItalia – 3:14AM, 3 November 2017This is how to decode the video that appeared on a popular Italian football site yesterday.

The video, uploaded to a video sharing website called SportItalias , shows a young woman, believed to be 18, being led away from the scene of a crime in which a suspect is seen on the ground.

The suspect is filmed sitting on a chair and talking to a young boy on the phone.

He then moves to his car and drives away.

The police were called and the video was deleted after the girl was seen in the car.

A spokesman for the regional police force in Genoa said that the girl had been arrested on suspicion of a serious crime.

The footage, which was reportedly taken on Tuesday, was uploaded to SportItalis video sharing site by a user named “Piero” who is a regular user.

“We had to remove it after several attempts due to a copyright violation,” the spokesman said.

The spokesperson added that it was not clear whether the uploader was actually a member of SportItals group or if he was simply following the rules of the website.

The user had been suspended from the site and had been warned by police.

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