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How to build a super smart website

By Nick Tait.


12 Dec 2015.

09:18:15I have a list of things I’d like to see in my next article.

One of these things is a smart home page, and it’s not exactly the sort of thing that can be written in an article, but I figured I’d share it anyway.

So, here’s my list.


A smart home site that allows you to control your lights and thermostats.

You might not like the sound of that, but that’s exactly what this is.

You control your lighting and thermoregulators from the comfort of your living room.

I’ve had a few home automation projects built, and one that I really liked, a little bit out of my comfort zone, just didn’t work out.

You can control everything in one click from your smartphone or tablet, and all you have to do is have your phone or tablet connected to your smart home network.

I like the idea of an easy-to-use, yet highly intelligent smart home interface, but this is a little different than a smart thermostat.


A simple, accessible home security system that you can control with a simple click.

You’ll be surprised how simple this is to use.

It’s basically a smartphone app for your smart locks.

It does everything from tracking where you lock your door, where you’ve been recently, when your door is opened, to opening it automatically if you don’t lock it, and even automatically unlocking it if you do lock it.

The app is very simple to use, and does all of the heavy lifting.


An easy to use home alarm system that doesn’t require a lot of manual configuration.


A home automation system that automatically adjusts the weather to keep you warm and dry.


An easily configurable smart lighting system that adjusts the color temperature of your home and then automatically dims and lights up when it’s appropriate.


A remote control for your car that will automatically turn your car on and off, and will also control your car’s speed and navigation.


A weather app that automatically alerts you to the upcoming temperature changes, and a countdown timer that you could use to set a timer to start and stop your alarm.


A system that lets you control the temperature of the air in your house, and then change the temperature manually to keep your home from getting too hot.


An intelligent thermostatic system that will adjust your temperature automatically to keep it at a reasonable level without having to go into the garage to adjust it. 10.

A set of weather apps for controlling your air conditioner automatically, and weather stations that allow you to add information to your temperature, temperature readings, and humidity to your home’s air conditioners.


An app that allows the use of your smartphone as a remote control to control the air condition, air conditioning, and lights in your home.


A thermostatically controlled doorbell that lets your doorbell ring whenever you want it to. 13.

An automation application that allows your home automation to automatically turn on and turn off the lights and refrigerators.


A web app that let’s you easily control the lights in the home, and control the thermostator remotely.


An application that lets people remotely control your home thermostating remotely from their phones or tablets.


A mobile app that lets the homeowner remotely control their thermostates.


A “smart” home control panel that lets them remotely control the heaters, water heaters and fans.


An automated garage door opener that lets residents remotely control when and how it opens, shuts, and locks.


A self-monitoring sensor that automatically changes your garage temperature, humidity, and temperature of any outside objects that are around your garage.


A device that can track your home to the cloud.


A smartphone app that will tell you how much water you’ve left in your garage, and how many gallons you’ve spent.


An automatic door opener with remote control.


A built-in weather app for controlling the temperature and humidity of your garage and the surrounding area.


A way to remotely control lighting in your building.


An electrician’s app that can adjust the thermosets in your thermostators, to make sure you keep them running as needed.


A control app for smart thermos that will monitor the humidity in your room, and set a goal to make your room more humid in the future.


An auto-dialer for your home that will ring your door when you open it, or when it is opened automatically.


A small, portable thermostation control that can automatically control the humidity of the room and thermoset. 29. A

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