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The Internet is the best thing since sliced bread

By Mark Johnson The Internet has never been better.

For the first time, the Web can bring millions of people online at the same time, without the need for a cloud service.

And with it, a whole new way to make money.

It’s also the perfect place for startups.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the Internet, but the truth is that it is only just beginning.

In fact, the Internet is only getting bigger, and it’s coming at the right time for the world.


How the Internet’s Power and Its Potential To Change Everything For All Of Us by Mark Johnson”The Internet is like the most powerful weapon that humanity has ever created.”

— David Ray Griffin, founder of Red Bull and one of the founders of Facebook and the Google parent company.


A Timeline Of The Web’s Rise From “Unofficial” Sites To The Internet’s Most Powerful Tool By Mark J. Johnson”In my opinion, there is no more powerful weapon in the world than the Internet.”

— John von Neumann, a physicist and the inventor of the transistor.


How We Can Build a Digital Society That Works For Everyone By Mark JohnsonIn a world where we need to constantly be on the lookout for the next virus, we can’t afford to let the Internet run wild, says Mark Johnson, founder and CEO of Startup Nation.


The Most Common Questions Asked About The Internet By Mark JenkinsThe Internet and all the things connected to it are a threat to privacy and innovation, says Bill Gates.


The Internet Has A Way Of Bringing People Together By Mark KarpelesThe Internet has been a powerful force for social change, says Paul Graham.


How To Become a Tech Startup Founder By Mark C. Martin”We have to think outside the box.

We have to understand how to create new business models, and how to change the world in ways that people like.”

— Mark Zuckerberg, founder Facebook.


What You Need To Know About The Next Wave Of Digital Growth By Scott S. Anderson”We’re in the golden age of the Internet.

We’re going to create an unprecedented number of jobs.”

— Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft.


10 Things That Will Transform Your Career By Tim Graham”This is a great time for anyone who wants to make a career change.”

— James Bessen, chief investment officer of BlackRock.


How The Internet Will Impact Your Workflow By Scott M. Gebhard”A lot of our best ideas start with the Internet and how we can connect people.

I think that will help make people more productive, and make our companies more efficient.”

— Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s CEO.


The Future Of Technology By Mark Schreiber”The future is now.”

— Tim Cook, Apple CEO.

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