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How to make your home screen pop

By Kate Harding USA Today A new set of smart home controls can help you keep your home from sliding off the desktop into the corner of your home.

From smart light switches to intelligent locks, these gadgets and smart home features can help your home stay on your desk, so you can stay productive and focused in the moment.

Read More >These new devices are coming to Android smartphones, tablets and other smart home devices, but now the smarts and controls are coming from the web.

With this latest release, Google has added a new section called “Home Screen” that allows users to add home screens to their Android devices, letting them choose from many of the options that come standard with their devices.

For instance, Google is adding the ability to add the ability for a user to add their home screen to any Android device with a simple click of a button.

If you have an Apple device, you can choose to add an app icon on your home button, as well.

Users can also choose to create their own custom home screens, or make them look like standard Android home screens.

These home screens will also include the ability of adding widgets and sharing your home, as they have on most other Android devices.

This new Home Screen lets users make their own home screens and apps, as Google explains in the release notes:If you want to create your own custom app on Android, simply open a Google Play Store app or search for “Android Home” or “Android App Launcher” and tap on the “+” button next to the app you want.

The app will then ask you for a name, title, icon, and description for the app.

Once the app is installed, it will automatically appear on the home screen and allow users to create apps, share your home with other users, and much more.

Apps can also be added to the Home Screen by adding a URL.

This URL can be either in a form of text, an image, or in a link.

For instance, you could enter https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=android_home to create an app with the ability share a screen to other users.

Users also have the option of sharing their home to other apps that can then access it.

This allows users from other apps to access their home, or from other Google services, such as Gmail and YouTube, to share their home with friends and family.

This allows users in the same household to easily share a home screen with others without having to do anything more than adding a url.

The Home Screen also comes with a number of other new features.

Users can now control the color of the app icons, the volume of the sound in the app, and the time it shows.

These are all options you can customize with the addition of a new Home Assistant widget, and users can even use Google’s voice assistant to control the Home Assistant in the settings of the device.

For a user who wants to control their device’s sound, users can choose whether to turn on the Google Assistant, or to turn off it.

Users also have a new setting that lets users turn on/off their device from any Android Home screen.

These new smart home products also come with a new feature that lets the user access the Home Settings and Home Assistant settings on their device, as opposed to just the settings for Google Assistant.

Users are able to use Google Assistant and Home Settings to customize their home screens as well, as the release note explains:Users can choose how to add widgets and share their homes with other people.

This lets users add an icon to their home button that will let other users view the home of their choice.

If the user chooses to share the icon, they can also share the Home icon with other Google accounts.

Users are also able to make their home pages appear in Google Search results.

Google says that this new feature is only available on Android devices that are running the Android 7.1 Nougat update, and Google Search will only display the home page of users with a Google Account.

Google also released a new set in the Google Play store for the home screens of devices running the latest version of Android called “Google Home.”

This new set includes the ability, along with the Home screen, to allow users who own multiple Android devices to add additional screens to that device.

This is the first time we’ve seen these new smart devices come to Google Play, but it’s not all bad news.

The Home Screen will be added on Android phones, tablets, and smart TVs, as you’ve seen on other Google products, including Google Assistant on Android TV and Google Assistant for Android.

The release notes from Google indicate that it will also be coming to Google Home on the Play Store in the coming months.

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