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Canada’s Facebook data breach ‘not in our interests,’ says privacy commissioner

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada has said the Facebook data breaches were not in the country’s interests.

In an interview on CBC News Network’s Power & Politics on Tuesday, Melanie Dhalla said Facebook’s data breach is not a major concern for Canada and that she would like to see more clarity from the company about how it collects and uses personal information.

“This is not in our country’s interest.

It’s not in their interests.

It would be in our interest to have some kind of accountability for how this information is used, what it’s being used for and how it’s shared,” Dhalla told host Rosemary Barton.”

It’s certainly not something we can tolerate.”

The privacy commissioner said the company should provide more information to Canadians.

“If they can’t do it, we don’t need to.

It doesn’t make sense to me to be doing it in a way that is still potentially harmful to Canadians.””

If you have to go through that process of collecting information from people, how do you not use it for what you think is a good reason?

That doesn’t seem to be the case here.”

She added that the privacy commissioner has expressed concern to Facebook about the use of its data in “anti-competitive” ways and that Facebook needs to explain how it will protect Canadians’ privacy.

Dhalla also said Facebook has not been able to address concerns about the company’s “data breach” disclosure policy, which she said has not addressed the concerns she has raised.

“The company needs to come clean about what they’re doing in terms of disclosure, and why they are doing it,” she said.

“In terms of the disclosure, there’s nothing in the privacy policy that’s been addressed by the privacy commissioners.”‘

We need to stop this’Dhalla said she would prefer to see Facebook provide more transparency about its data collection and use practices.

“I think it’s really important for us to have an answer to those concerns that we have,” she added.

“Because I think the reason we have so many of these issues is because companies don’t have the accountability, and that’s the problem.”

“It seems to me the privacy law needs to be changed so that we can be confident that our privacy is being protected, and our privacy can be protected for Canadians,” Dalla added.

The Privacy Commissioner has expressed concerns about Facebook’s privacy disclosure policy (CBC News)The privacy watchdog said it is not yet clear how Facebook will disclose the data it collects.

Dhalla noted that it could reveal the number of pages visited, the types of information it collects, or other details.

“These are all things that we need to know,” she told Barton.

“We need a clear definition of what we’re talking about, and how we’re actually sharing it.”

Dhalla told Barton that she is “trying to understand” how Facebook’s “non-disclosure” policy could help protect Canadians from data breaches.

“How do we stop these people from being able to access their personal information?” she asked.

“We need the ability to see the information that they’re collecting.

We need the data to be anonymized, and to be shared with our partners and our other partners and all of our partners, to have a much clearer picture of what’s going on.”

Dalla said she is concerned about how Facebook could share data with foreign governments.

“What are we doing when we’re sharing data with our government that they are not allowed to see?” she said, adding that she was concerned about Facebook being able share information with other countries.

“They’re going to be using it against us.”

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