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How to fix a smartphone’s iPhone 5’s Wi-Fi hotspot bug

The first Apple smartphone to run iOS 9.0.1 was unveiled this week.

It’s a significant update that makes some of the problems with the device’s Wi and cellular connections even more glaring.

Here’s how to fix them.

How to fix iPhone 5 Wi-fi issues on iOS 9How to get rid of Wi-FI hotspots How to disable Bluetooth How to change your carrier How to connect your iPhone to your computer How to upgrade to iOS 10How to connect to a Wi-PAD networkThe iPhone 5 has an embedded Wi-Power technology that allows the device to charge and stream audio and video when it’s plugged into a Wi, Bluetooth or USB cable.

When the iPhone 5 connects to Wi-Wi, it automatically starts up Wi-Fiber mode.

But if the iPhone isn’t connected to a wireless network, it won’t work properly.

Wi-Fi is an old technology that’s used in computers, televisions and tablets.

It was originally designed to allow people to connect multiple devices at once.

Apple removed it from its iPhone 4 and 5 smartphones last year, and the company is now looking to re-introduce it to its new smartphones.

Wi-Nets are smaller Wi-Tethers that are sold separately.

They can be used with Apple’s iOS devices and Android devices.

WiFi hotspots are an easy fix for iPhone 5 users, who’ve had to wait for Apple to add it back to the lineup.

The iPhone 5 doesn’t have a built-in Wi-Wifi connection, so you can disable it by going to Settings > General > Wireless and enabling “Use Wi-No.”

Then, tap “Reset.”

You can also disable it from your iPhone’s home screen.

Open up Settings > Wireless & networks > Cellular & cellular.

If the phone is connected to an active cellular network, tap the “Resets cellular network” button.

Once you do, you can turn off Wi-Fire and Wi-BAC.

You can also enable “disable Wi-AAC,” which prevents the phone from making phone calls and downloading data.

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