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How to make an interactive web page for college football and basketball game pages

In this interactive tutorial, you will learn how to create a simple web page that displays statistics on your team’s players and teams and highlights all of the game scores in real time.

You will learn to use JavaScript to display data on the page, which will be displayed on your browser as you browse.

This tutorial is for students who have a background in web design and development, but want to continue learning to design interactive web pages.

You can also use the tutorial as a reference for creating your own web pages and interactive web sites for the web.

This tutorial will take about five minutes.

You will need:Download the demo from our downloads page.

Open the file called data.js.

Open it in a text editor.

In the code block below, enter the name of the data source you want to display the data on.

The code block above should look something like this:Data Source:https://www.nfl.com/videos/games/college/sports/collegefootball/sports-results.html PlayerName:Brett Favre PlayerAge:29 Number of games:17 Career stats:3,904 Pts: 3,039.8 Rk Passes:1,037.4 Yards:1.1 TD: 3 Pts vs. Pts in the 2016 season:2.6% (14 of 40) Opponent Yards: 1.4% (18 of 39) Def.

Yards: 4.7% (24 of 39).

The number of games the player played was more than 16, which means he played in every game.

Team Name:Miami Dolphins PlayerAge.


Height:20 Weight:250 Weight:220 Weight:185 Height:190.5 Weight:160 Weight:145.5.




Team name:Miami Hurricanes PlayerAge.:17.0 Weight:200 Weight:165.5 Age:190 Weight:150.5 Height:180.0.

Weight:175.5 The player was not on the team.

Coach:Dante Allen CoachPosition:RB.

Team:Houston Texans PlayerAgeAge:24.5-22.5,3.5(28)7.5 (26)7(26)0.9(25)3.4(28).

Height:192 Weight:235.5: Weight:245.0 Height:235 Weight:240.0 (2 of 24).

Weight:230.0: Weight, Weight, 5, 0.9, 5.5 the player was on the active roster.

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