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Facebook’s Timeline is finally coming to iOS: The truth about its privacy policies

A new Facebook Timeline on iOS appears to be coming to the platform in a few months, but the social network’s privacy policies aren’t exactly clear.

In its FAQ, Facebook said its Timeline will provide a more granular timeline of events across your entire life and that it will be more useful for managing things like family, work, social media and shopping.

But it also said that Facebook Timeline can’t store or store-back data.

The Timeline does have some other features that allow you to track events in your life, such as an “Ask Me Anything” feature that lets you ask the social media giant questions in real time.

But that feature also lets you block certain people from appearing on your Timeline.

For example, the Facebook Timeline doesn’t let you block people who are “active in Facebook” or “in a specific location” or those who have “a high propensity to engage in specific behaviors.”

That means that if you are a high-profile user, you may want to block users who have a high propensity for spamming you or who have recently started posting racist or homophobic messages.

For the time being, Facebook’s timeline only allows you to block people whose posts you find objectionable.

But in the future, the Timeline will allow you “to request blocking or disabling of certain content, such that content you find offensive is blocked, for example, in the event of a threat of violence or death to you or someone else,” the company said.

Facebook Timeline is now available in the App Store for $1.99.

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