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How to identify web page pattern for RTE

From: Robert Clements to: Patrick Kelly Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2010 11:22:58 Subject: How to detect web page motifs source RTFM _____________________________________________________________ References: [RFC2422] RFC2422.4: Detecting web page web pages.

The RTE.

October 2007.


[RFC2514] RFC2514.1.

Detecting Web Page Webpages.


November 2005.

http:/doi.iis.ie/pub/doc/RTE/2514/RFC-2514-1.html [RFC2920] RFC2920.1: Detect Web Page Websites.

The Internet Engineering Task Force.

May 2004.

http://www.ietf.org/_/vulnerabilities/ietf-rfc2920-1/ (accessed April 25, 2010).

[RFC3306] RFC3306.1 [Web page] Web site content.

The W3C.

June 2006.


[Web pages] [Web Pages] Web pages, in RTE [Web Page] Web page pattern, in C++ [Web site pattern] [C++ web page] [RTE web page](http://www.patricia.org.uk/books/patterns.html) _______________________________________________ Sent through the Full Disclosure mailing list https://nmap.org/-/fulldisclosure/mailman/listinfo/fulldept

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