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How to find military web pages

The United States and China have been locked in a bitter battle over the internet, with China trying to restrict access to some sites while the United States has made it easier for Americans to access military sites.

The US Department of Defense said on Thursday that it would no longer block Chinese websites after China’s ruling Communist Party leader, Xi Jinping, threatened to “exterminate” American websites.

“We have determined that the United State of America should no longer use the Internet as a tool for political control and to oppress our people,” a statement from the department said.

“Instead, we believe that the internet should be used for the dissemination of information and for the expression of opinions that have a profound impact on people’s lives and well-being.”

The internet must be used as a platform for democracy, free and fair elections, and the promotion of human rights, as well as the dissemination and distribution of news, information, and other useful resources.””

We strongly oppose any attempt to restrict or silence the internet in the United

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