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We’ll soon be able to use Google search to find our old web pages

Vodafont CEO David Lai says the search giant will soon be adding more options to its web browser.

Google+ will soon have search capabilities, he told Reuters.

Vodafona said its search engines are working to add more “modern” web pages to the search bar, which it says will help users find things like photos and video.

The company has seen a surge in users searching for “website” and “home” after the announcement last week that Google+ would soon be available to the world.

Vodacom is not the only company to add “websites” to its search bar.

Apple has added search functionality to the Apple Store in the past and Facebook has done the same with its Facebook News Feed, a feature that allows users to share news from various social networks and publishers with friends.

Google+ has been the focus of speculation about whether the search company would expand its search capabilities to its mobile search capabilities.

Last week, Vodas CEO told Reuters the search firm was “working on adding a mobile-friendly search feature to Google.”

Google+ is also planning to expand its social network with a new social app in the works, according to Vodahos chief executive Chris O’Connor.

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