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‘The Jungle Book’ sequel: ‘The next chapter is here’

The next chapter in The Jungle Book is here, but it might not be the same story as the first.

The Hollywood Reporter recently reported that the film’s sequel, The Jungle Sequel: The Next Chapter, will take place in different time periods, but will be a much different story than the first film.

While the first movie was set in the 1930s, the sequel will take its inspiration from the current era, with a young girl and her father battling against a jungle-filled forest in the present day.

A post shared by Jafar Panahi (@jafar_panahi) on Oct 29, 2019 13:42:35The film’s new title will be titled ‘The New Beginning’, but will not be named after the jungle-themed Disney animated feature.

The new story will follow a young orphan named Kaguya (Ana de la Cruz) and her sister Kagu, who are the children of a wealthy African-American family.

Kaguya is the daughter of a rich man, and her family are well-off, but she is struggling to maintain a normal childhood and cope with the pressures of the world.

Her sister is also struggling with the same thing.

Both of them want to be accepted by the African-Americans of their neighborhood, but their parents disagree on how to deal with this.

When Kaguyan is a child, she discovers that the two of them have been adopted, which makes her realise that she and Kagu are not really her own children, but rather two of the children born into their family.

The film is set in New York City in the 1920s, with the film being set in a period when racism was rampant.

It will be directed by Aladdin’s Jasmine Schreiber (pictured), who previously helmed the Disney film, Finding Nemo.

It will be the first Disney animated film to be shot entirely in black and white.

The first film was released in 2017.

The Jungle Sequels: The New Beginning and The Jungle Sequence: The First Movie are scheduled to hit theaters on November 29, 2020.

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