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The Lad’s Web Page

The Lad is a popular internet meme.

It originated on a blog and is now spreading like wildfire on social media.

The image, posted on Facebook, has been shared over 100,000 times.

Many people have posted their own versions of the meme, which depicts the Lad, a middle-aged man, with his wife and children in front of their computer screen.

“This guy is a total ass,” one poster said.

Another said: “He’s a nice guy but he’s also a total douche.”

“He’s also such a dickhead, he’s a dickhole,” said another.

A popular Facebook page called the Lad Bible has been set up to help educate and support those in need.

It’s a “community where you can share your story and share how you can help,” the site reads.

There are currently 18,000 members and the group has over 7,500 members.

As the meme spreads, it’s been shared by people across the globe, including President Donald Trump.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Mr Trump urged people to “take the time to read this guy’s story.”

The US president’s office later clarified the President’s message.

“[The meme] is not directed at the US President or the United States government.

It is a satire on the internet and has nothing to do with him or his administration,” the president’s spokeswoman, Lauren Pruden, told ABC News.

‘A lot of people are feeling lonely’The meme has been making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook, with people calling it a “dickhead” and “dumb ass”.

“I’m a very sad ass,” said one Twitter user.

When The Lad was posted to a video site, it quickly became one of the most shared memes of the year, with more than 1.5 million views.

At one point in March, The Lad even caught the attention of the internet’s biggest meme, Lady Gaga, who used the meme in a song called “The Lad.”

“I think she should do something about that,” one Twitter follower said.

“This guy sucks.

He sucks.”

Other people have also shared their own variations of the memes.

One woman posted: “I love this guy.

I’m so sorry for the assholes in our society who make memes like this all the time.

You have to stop it.

People feel lonely in this world.”

People on Twitter also said they were happy that someone had taken notice of the Lad’s plight.

Some people on Twitter called it a relief to see that people were sharing the meme.

Others have taken to Facebook to voice their disappointment that someone would take issue with something so funny.


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