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The Realest Things We Learned From #TBT: The Greatest Stories from the Internet’s Most Dangerous People

MTV News sat down with one of the biggest influencers of the new #Tbt era, actor and comedian Aziz Ansari.

We got a chance to sit down with the #RealestThingsWeLearnedFrom hashtag.

Aziz is an icon, a funny guy, a serious person.

He’s been doing this for a long time and I’m excited to be a part of it.

I was actually at a very important moment when I got this opportunity to come on the show and help the #Tweeters make their voices heard.

And I think the best way to show my support is to be in the conversation.

Azaz is a funny person and I think he is one of those #Taybutters.

He was one of these people who, if you had a good question for him, he’d give you a quick answer and then ask you another question.

So it was like, hey, I’m just a guy who’s been following you for years.

And he’s just one of us.

I really think it’s important to show support for each other and to show that there are people out there who love to talk about the most controversial subjects.

I think Aziz’s a great role model for the #Twitterati, he’s a guy that you can really relate to.

You know, there’s people who get into trouble because they just have an opinion and it’s a big problem for them, you know?

I’m so proud to be an example of this.

We’ve been talking about how it can be really hard for people to get into the #tweeting space because they don’t know anyone who is into that sort of stuff.

Azeez has been one of my heroes.

I know he’s doing a lot of the shows and I love him.

Azez Ansari is an inspiration for me.

I’ve met him before and I was just like, I wanna come on this show.

Aziza Ansari!

I know it sounds like a ridiculous question, but I think that Aziz really inspires people and makes them want to do more.

He really inspires me to be more open about my thoughts and opinions and my thoughts on things.

I want to be like, well, I guess I can do that too.

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