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U.S. military says it has detected a possible WMD attack on Iraqi soil

U.N. Security Council members are considering a resolution Monday condemning the Iraqi government for allegedly using chemical weapons against its own people.

The vote is expected to be taken by the Security Council later in the day.

It would require a two-thirds majority to pass.

The United States and Britain say the attack was carried out by Iran, but that Iraq was not the main target.

U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said in a statement Monday that “we have confirmed that this attack was perpetrated by Iran.

We believe this attack constitutes an attack on Iraq’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”


Foreign Minister Boris Johnson and U.Y. Ambassador to the U.A.E. Mark Lowcock are expected to discuss the situation with U.H.S.-led NATO forces in the region on Tuesday.

A spokesman for U.UK.

Foreign Office said in an email Monday that the UK government is “committed to finding a way forward that respects the sovereignty and security of Iraq.”

The U.U.S., Russia, France and the U,N.

have agreed on a two week extension to the talks in the French city of Antalya, which are aimed at agreeing a ceasefire in Iraq.

A U.D. source says that the U in the Security Assembly will be asked to consider a resolution of the conflict in Syria and the implementation of a new U.R.N.-sponsored peace plan.

Russia’s foreign ministry said Monday that a resolution condemning the use of chemical weapons in Iraq “should be passed unanimously.”

It said it was “in line with the UG and the Russian position.”

The resolution would “make it clear that the United Nations is not capable of dealing with such an action by the Syrian government, its allies, or anyone else.”

The Syrian government has accused Russia of carrying out a chemical attack in northern Syria last month, though Russia denies the charge.

A source familiar with the talks told CNN that the resolution will be put to a vote Monday, but it is not yet clear how quickly it will be considered.

The resolution calls on Iraq to allow UN inspectors access to the site where the alleged attack took place and to provide them with “all necessary information” on the alleged use of gas and chemical weapons.

The source says the U has not yet received a draft of the resolution, and the British foreign office has not said when the draft will be presented to Parliament.

The U of A.E., U.B.A., UNA, U.P.

S, UPA and UAE are among the nations that have called on Iraq not to use chemical weapons and to return them to Syria, but Iraq has rejected their demand.

UPA Secretary-General Peter Sutherland said Monday he would not consider voting for the resolution.

“The situation in Iraq and Syria is serious and urgent,” Sutherland said in remarks broadcast by state-run Iraqi television.

“This is not about one or two individuals, it is about a complex and complex situation that is not going to be solved by a few words,” he added.

“We have to make it clear to those who are responsible for this, who are behind this attack, that we are prepared to punish them.”

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