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How to make the perfect button page for your blog

article You may have heard about this one, but you didn’t know that the easiest way to create a button page with minimal markup and minimal coding is with the power of CSS.

I know, it’s not a perfect tutorial, but it’s the best I could come up with.

The code in this tutorial will make your simple blog button page.

It’s not that complex, it just involves some CSS and some Javascript.

First, create the background image with the following code.

Main .btn-success { background-color:#00cc0c; } .btn-error { background_color:#f0f0a0; }

The button is just a simple wrapper around the comments and the main div.

You can see that the button class is just an alias for the div class.

The first thing you need to do is make sure your div is set to inherit from the button element.

To do this, just add a new class to your element: .btn bn-success .btn .btn:hover.

Now we’ll define the styles of the button.

We’ll also add a class to the main element and set it to inherit.

div.main { background: #000; } div.comments { background:#00c00c; border: 1px solid #00d00c;} div.footer { border: 0px solid white; } If you look at the code above, you’ll notice that we use the CSS to define the button’s background and the background color.

In this example, the background is a bit more transparent, but the border is the same.

Next, we’ll add a little JavaScript.

We use a function called return to return an HTML string.

This string is the name of the main menu, so we’ll use that to create our main menu:

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