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Which Nickelodeon star has a bigger fanbase?

Posted September 14, 2018 09:33:07 The answer is a resounding no.

In a new series of research that shows how many of the country’s biggest stars, such as Nicole Kidman, Emma Stone, James Corden, Paul Rudd and Jodie Foster, are fans of the Nickelodeons online presence, it has been revealed that the popular childrens TV show is the #1 favourite among their fan base.

The study by Nielsen Research was conducted by Nielsen, the world’s largest market research company, in conjunction with TV station Channel 8 and ABC.

It found that, of the 10 highest-rated Nickelodeonal shows on YouTube, four were on Nickelodeonia, with the remaining four being on ABC.

Its popularity on the streaming service has increased over the years, with Nickelodeonts most recent seasons averaging more than 1.3 million views per episode.

But the most popular Nickelodeonian of all, according to Nielsen, is The Simpsons, which averaged more than 9.5 million views a season.

Its most watched episodes were The Love Boat and The Simpsons Movie.

And in terms of total viewers, The Simpsons topped the charts.

It has attracted an average of 1.2 million viewers a season, and it has the third highest viewership among all Nickelodeonic shows.

Nielsen has since announced that they would be taking over the show from Fox next year, which is where they started their run in 2010.

“Nielsen Research has always been an advocate for childrens television, and its recent research confirms that the popularity of Nickelodeo is a major driver of growth for kids and their families, and we’re excited to continue the relationship with the company,” said Scott Pank, Senior Vice President, Research and Analytics at Nielsen.

“Nielson Research is committed to delivering high-quality, unbiased, and transparent research on the childrens channel, and this partnership provides us the opportunity to further our work and to make a significant impact on childrens content in 2018.”

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