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The truth about ‘Desoto’s’ weirdness: It’s all about the music

I’m an avid fan of hip-hop.

I love the beats, the rhymes, the soul.

I just adore the music.

And I love Desoto.

I really do.

In the summer of 2012, Desoto had just released his debut album, “Papa’s Delight,” a compilation of the same beats, samples, and production techniques that made his previous two records so successful.

Like the rest of his group, Desotos life has been marked by drug use and homelessness.

Desoto’s parents were both killed by drug dealers in the ’80s, but his mother survived.

She was living in a shelter and couldn’t afford to feed her family.

But after leaving the shelter and starting a business selling clothes, she eventually found work as a prostitute.

Desoto and I have been friends since we were kids, and I’ve always admired his honesty.

But that’s not what attracted me to his new album.

In a way, Desos music sounds like a weird, out-there version of the old school emo and alt-rock sound.

But the beats are all from hip-hoppers like Desoto and The Alchemist.

Deso is no stranger to the genre, having collaborated with both, including a 2010 collaboration on Desoto-produced single “Livin’.” But in a way Desoto is taking the genre and playing with it.

The album starts off with a song called “The Wound,” which sounds a bit like a parody of the “I Feel Pretty” song.

The song is a slow-burning instrumental that feels like Deso and his band are about to explode in front of a big crowd.

But instead of that, they’re just laying down on the ground, like you see in a lot of Desoto songs.

The song is so melodic, so poppy, and the beats all fit perfectly with the rest.

The drums are slow, but they’re not so slow that they sound like they’re dropping from the sky.

They’re so fast that they make you think, “What’s this guy doing?”

The song then cuts to a scene of the band on stage playing in a stadium.

You can’t hear the crowd, but you can hear the music coming from the speakers.

It’s a weird combination, but it works.

The whole album sounds like it’s coming from a different place.

The songs that follow are about how Deso has grown up, about how his life has changed, about his relationships, about the love that he’s never felt for his parents.

The album ends with a track called “All I Know.”

It’s just Deso singing in a small, dark room.

The piano and strings aren’t even in sync, and Deso doesn’t even use his own voice.

He’s just singing, like he’s in a trance.

He does have some of the best hooks on the album, though.

“Bitch,” a song that was released after “All of Me,” is about Desoto coming to terms with his sexuality and how it affects his relationships.

“No More Tears” is about a young Deso growing up.

And “The World Is Mine,” a track about his life in the United States, is about the country he’s lived in for a long time.

All of these songs are about Deso’s struggle to make sense of who he is and what he feels.

And the music on “Desoto” sounds like Desos own words are coming from his own heart.

Deso and the Alchemist are the first rappers to collaborate on an album since the duo of Dilla and Kendrick Lamar released their debut LP, “Good Kid, M.A.A.”

In 2015, Deso dropped a song with Kendrick called “My Name Is Deso,” which became the first collaboration between the two rappers.

In 2017, Desot and Desoto released their third album, Desota, which also featured collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, Dilla, and Chance the Rapper.

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