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What you need to know about the next big big thing in gaming (so far)

In what has to be the most exciting gaming news of the year so far, Ubisoft announced that it’s launching a new game mode for its new shooter, Tom Clancy’s The Division, that’s set to go live on PC and consoles in early 2018.

The Division is the latest game to see the Ubisoft branding since it was first announced at E3 last year.

The first two games that have been revealed so far have been Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Watch Dogs 2.

Both of those games are currently available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

But The Division will be the first to launch on consoles, and its gameplay and story are entirely separate from the rest of the franchise.

Ubisoft said that its Tom Clancy game mode will feature more than 100 hours of gameplay.

The new Tom Clancy mode will be similar to the one that’s been available in Call of War for years, which has been a great way for Ubisoft to get a lot of players excited about the game.

Tom Clancy players will be able to take part in a “campaign” that spans multiple seasons, in which they’ll have to defend a region from an alien invasion.

It’s a cool twist on the “campaign mode,” in which players have to find the perfect time to kill all the aliens in a certain period of time.

The mode is set to launch sometime this summer on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

For the moment, the only thing you’ll be able do with Tom Clancy is play a game mode that’s not included in the game’s main campaign.

The game mode is expected to launch in a month or two.

For now, you’ll only be able play Tom Clancy for a limited amount of time, and Ubisoft has no specific release date for the Tom Clancy DLC.

Tom Clancys DLC will be coming to PC, PS4, and console, Ubisoft said, adding that the new Tom Clancy DLC will only be available for a single-player campaign and not multiplayer.

Ubisoft has been busy with other projects this year.

In June, it announced a new IP that will help create “unique, immersive worlds that will be both visually stunning and deeply rooted in our culture and history.”

Ubisoft has also been working on a sequel to Tom Clancy: The Division that’s being developed by The Witness developer, Eidos Montreal.

The Witness was one of the first game IPs to be developed by Ubisoft back in 2016.

The developers are looking to add “deep social connections” to the Tom Clannys game mode, and they’re also looking to “give players the opportunity to create and explore their own custom maps in Tom Clancy®: The Divided™,” Ubisoft told GamesIndustry.biz.

The video game will be playable on PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One, and PC in 2018.

Ubisoft is also planning to launch a new “premium” version of Tom Clancy with a $60 price tag.

The premium version will include “a variety of exclusive content,” and will be “a more in-depth experience for fans of Tom Clanceys award-winning series,” Ubisoft said.

The Tom Clancy Premium will launch in early 2019.

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