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Web Page Builder|web Page Design Generation What does the new API mean for the Reddit API?

What does the new API mean for the Reddit API?

source Reddit The new API, which is slated to go live in Q1 2018, will allow for better search results and a better user experience.

While it is still in the early days, Reddit said that it is currently making changes that will help users search for posts and other content faster.

For example, users will now be able to type in the title of a subreddit to search for the content, instead of the title.

In addition, the search engine will show up as an “advanced” option for links that users clicked on during a search.

Reddit is also making some tweaks to how the search algorithm works to better fit the new APIs, and will use “deep learning” techniques to improve the results it displays.

“It is important for us to show users that Reddit has the capability to improve search and user experience, and that we understand how to do so,” Reddit said.

“We are also committed to improving the quality of our API in order to increase user engagement and engagement across all of our platforms, including the platform we are building for the web.”

Reddit has been criticized by users and privacy advocates for its role in helping companies and the government track people’s activities and to use it to track users online.

The company has since acknowledged the problems with its API, and has said it plans to implement improvements to its search results in the coming months.

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