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‘I was a little bit afraid’: My mother’s Facebook account deleted after being found to have been used to post hate speech

A mother of a Jewish teenager in Israel has shared her story of how her Facebook account was hacked, and that she was forced to delete the posts.

“I was in the middle of the day in my apartment when my mother, an Arab woman, was found to be using her Facebook to post anti-Semitic material,” Avi Gilboa, 17, told Al Jazeera.

Gilboa’s mother, Avi M. Gilboa , who was born in Hungary, is a member of the Israel Jewish Community, and Gilboa has Jewish heritage.

Gilabo’s mother had posted several anti-Arab posts on Facebook, including one in March 2016 calling for the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Gilabi was shocked when she saw the posts, Gilboa said, and went to her mother’s apartment.

“She came into my room and told me to delete my Facebook page.

I had to delete everything,” Gilboa told Al-Jazeera.”

She said I couldn’t do that because I am Jewish, and she said, ‘You are a Jew, you can do whatever you want to do, but don’t make people go through the trouble of deleting their Facebook pages.'””

My mother said she did it because she had something she wanted to say on Facebook.

But I didn’t want to listen to her because I knew what she was talking about,” Gilba said.

After Gilboa deleted her account, she discovered she was using it to post hateful comments about Israel and Israeli Jews.

Gilba told Al Jazeera that she felt guilty about posting the hate posts, but said she felt she needed to protect herself.

“When I went to delete it, she deleted the account again, and I was scared that if I didn

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